MY Rabbit Farm

*Sundays-One Day Training session(10 AM-5PM) against Prior appointment

*Training Syllabaus to cover all Technical and Economical Aspects in farming

We Supply Quality Rabbit Meat & Breed Rabbits

We impart training to the participating entrepreneurs in rabbit farming.

  • Introduction to the Rabbit Farming
  • Advance Rabbit Farming Construction Details.
  • Historical Background.
  • Rabbit Diseases and Medicine's
  • Rabbit farming maintenance
  • Rabbit Crossing Production
  • Reproduction and Management
  • Inbreeding System
  • Nutrition & Feeding of Rabbits case of young rabbits and how to control mortality in rabbit farming.
  • Hydrophonic System
  • How to grow Lucerne and hedge Lucerne grass for rabbits.
  • Rabbit Farming Loans.
  • Rabbit Farming Marketing. strategies.
  • Slaughtering and skinning.
  • Rabbit Famring Certificate & DVD.
  • Wild Rabbit act 1972 details.
  • How food safety and standards act 2006 helpful to rabbit create local marketing.
  • Complete Practical Training.

Quality Assurance

There is no chance that we can compromise on the quality of products that we offer. The range of products that we acquire and offer is reliable in terms of variety, quality and freshness. Our prior aim is to cater to the expectations our clients in the best manner.

Our Team

We are backed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals, which is committed towards manufacturing and offering standard quality products and services to the clients. The team is given proper trainings to manufacture, store and offer quality products to our diverse clients.